Daniel Brendel
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Welcome to the official website of Nerdifex

Hey there! Welcome to my website. I am an indie software developer and founder of several projects.

Software development, especially programming, is a way to combine creativity, logic and art. It is my way of expressing myself and create what I am passionate about and what I find enjoyable.

OpenSource is the best way of sharing software projects. Not only ensures it that software is free and reachable for everyone, it does also provide great community opportunities. People can learn from the software and provide feedback to the creator. OpenSource software is used everywhere and does still maintain a high security safety. Many of my projects are open-source because I think free software is the best way to share knowledge.

My values

Free to use
I have created many projects which I find interesting and can be passionate about. And some do even inspire others.

Some numbers

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Please have a look at my GitHub profile for viewing my repositories.